We warmly welcome you to the Alpha Trust. We believe that every child in our schools can achieve the highest academic standards whilst enjoying a vibrant, broad and balanced curriculum. We are committed to excellence in all that we do and are unashamedly ambitious for the future success of our students.


Our schools retain their own unique features to meet the needs of the communities which they serve, but we are united in the core purpose of providing an outstanding educational experience which includes a rich and varied extra-curricular programme. The Trust has a proven track record of success and it is a pleasure and privilege to work with like-minded, ambitious professional leaders and Trustees.


We are mutually supportive and financially disciplined with a culture and ethos that benefits from shared expertise and success. We share a morally sound vision with a focus on the individual student. We aim to provide the care and support to enable each individual to flourish.


We are committed to the development of our staff and with the Alpha Teaching School Hub and a provider of Outstanding Initial Teacher Training (CTTC) as Trust partners, we are able to offer first class professional development.

It is central to the philosophy of this Trust that our students will learn in an orderly atmosphere, developing the capacity for creative independent thought and the ability to communicate effectively.

Our vision has school improvement at the core of every decision we take to ensure every child is given the opportunity to achieve outstanding outcomes. We believe that the partnership unique to Alpha Trust forms the solid foundation to ensuring this success.
Gillian Marshall MSc NPQH

Please click on the links below to navigate to the welcome message from the Executive Principal, Principal or Headteacher, or to the home page, at each Alpha Trust school:

Colchester County High School for Girls

The Gilberd School

Manningtree High School

Home Farm Primary School

The Trinity School

A Letter to Stake Holders 14 September 2022

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The mission statement of Alpha Trust is:

“To provide all our children and young people with every opportunity to achieve excellent individual outcomes, both academic and personal; to be committed to advancing learner progress through ambition, challenge and inspiration in our teaching, learning and leadership; and to support our students as they build resilience, become proud of who they are, take on responsibilities and grow respect for others.”

Our vision incorporates our values. We aim to ensure that all our academies are at least ‘Good’ and are committed to working to improve, whilst those academies which are currently ‘Outstanding’ maintain their excellent standards and provision and share best practice.  We will do this by:

  •         Ensuring the mission, vision, values and strategy of Alpha Trust are fully embraced across our family of schools.
  •         Ensuring collaborative working across the Trust to share best practice, provide support and improve outcomes for all students
  •         Understanding, celebrating and nurturing the distinctiveness and achievements of each of our schools
  •         Ensuring autonomy is understood to be related to accountability
  •         Having high expectations of all our students and staff in line with our core values of:
    •                 Ambition
    •                 Commitment
    •                 Conscientiousness/ diligence
    •                 Integrity and Honesty
    •                 Empathy and Compassion
    •                 Respect
    •                 Resilience
    •                 Optimism
    •                 Loyalty
  •         Providing and developing outstanding teaching and learning of a broad, well-balanced and personalised curriculum.
  •         Developing individuals who have compassion and who have respect for social, moral, spiritual and British values in a multi-cultural s              society.
  •         Ensuring learning takes place in a safe and orderly atmosphere of focused work and perseverance so that no child is left behind.
  •         Creating a centre of educational excellence and innovation.
  •         Working collaboratively with other organisations, both regionally and nationally, to ensure students receive enriched educational                      experiences.
  •         Providing outstanding pastoral care which nurtures emotional health and wellbeing.
  •         Preparing students for their next steps in life by inspired teaching and academic challenge, by building appropriate emotional, social              and cognitive skills, by providing outstanding guidance and by being ambitious for their future success.
  •         Training, recruiting and retaining teachers, leaders and support staff through high quality professional development.
  •         Requiring that services are delivered efficiently and represent outstanding value for money.